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Swapper 1.0.0

Swapper 1.0.0

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Swapper Publisher's Description

Ever tried to send media to your friends? How much time did you waste compressing, resizing or even, burning a CD? Imagine a program designed to take care of all that for you, designed for people who hate to waste time as much as you do. Meet Swapper: the fastest way to privately swap media files with friends and family. To start swapping, just enter your friends' email, attach your files and Swapper will take care of the rest. It's that easy!
Frequently asked questions:
1. What's Swapper? Swapper is free software for fast media swapping with friends.
2. What can I use it for? You can use Swapper for privately sending music, photos and videos to your friends.
3. How easy is it to use? As easy as sending an email. To get started, click New Swap, drag-n-drop the files you want to send and enter your friends' emails. Your friends will automatically receive an email with instructions to pick up the files, and upload their own for you.
4. What makes Swapper unique? It's the fastest of all:
- Fastest on the initial file uploads, with compression.
- Fastest on file re-uploads, with caching.
- Fastest on downloads, with state of the art P2P technology.
5. Can I swap with multiple friends at the same time? Yes. Swaps work like emails: when you are starting a new Swap, enter all of your friends' contact or email and attach your files. Each of them will be included in the swap and will be able to download the files and add their own, securely. It's also possible to Invite friends to an ongoing discussion -- or forward a file you liked to start a new swap with some other people, all in one click.
6. Does Swapper have any viruses or spyware? No. Swapper is free software without trouble.
7. Can anyone (Mom, my co-worker, etc) access my Swapper files? No. What happens in Swapper stays in Swapper. All communications are encrypted.
8. Can I login to Swapper from a different computer? Yes, similar to email you can check your Swapper remotely.

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